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"I don't like moonlit walks on the beach. Why? Ever taken a flashlight out on a beach at night? Have you?! Crabs. Lots of them. And what is Jennifer-speak for crabs? Spiders with armor..."

Jennifer Blackstream is a USA Today bestselling author of fantasy/paranormal romance, publishing under Skeleton Key Publishing. Urban Fantasy will soon be joining her repertoire, and if she doesn’t get hold of the insidious roving gang of plot bunnies, there’s going to be steampunk sprinkled in there too…

To date, Jennifer has two series:


Book 1 – Before Midnight

Book 2 – One Bite

Book 3 – Golden Stair

Book 4 – Divine Scales

Book 5 – Beautiful Salvation

Bonus Adventures in the Blood Prince World:

Book 2.5 – What Big Teeth You Have (free when you sign up for mailing list mentioned below)

Book 4.5 – The Pirate’s Witch

Book 5.5 – Dead to Begin With (available only between Thanksgiving and whenever Jennifer takes her Christmas tree down)


Book 1 – All for a Rose

Book 2 – Blue Voodoo

Book 3 – The Archer


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Jennifer has unfailing affection for the authors who have influenced her, including Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher, and the sorely missed Sir Terry Pratchett. Her books include humor, romance, and action, with enough darkness to keep things very interesting.

When Jennifer isn’t writing, she can be found re-watching Boondock Saints, Noises Off, or Gross Pointe Blank. With one of those classics in the background, she might also be searching Amazon for something she wants, but doesn’t need (Is there any such thing as a kitchen gadget that isn’t an absolute necessity? And don’t even get me started on office supplies…).

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about Jennifer, submit a question here for her upcoming FAQ…

Quick Facts


Northeast Ohio


Older Than I Look

Marital Status:



B.A. Psychology, M.A. Counseling Psychology


Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Erotica

Heat Levels:

Erotic, Sensual


Skeleton Key Publishing