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Suggested Reading Order

All books are written with the intention that you can read each on its own and get a complete story. There are overarching plots that will be best enjoyed if you read the books in order. Reading them in order also ensures no spoilers. I would particularly recommend not reading the Blood Trails series out of order. Doing so would involved major spoilers.

So without further delay, here is the suggested reading order for the madness that has flown forth from my mind onto the page:

Blood Prince Series:

Before Midnight

One Bite

Golden Stair

Divine Scales

Beautiful Salvation

The Pirate’s Witch

Blood Realm Series:

All for a Rose

Blue Voodoo

The Archer

Bear With Me

Stolen Wish

More detailed explanation:

The Blood Prince series consists of five main books:

There are also a few “bonus adventures.” These adventures are stand-alone stories featuring characters from the Blood Prince series. These bonus adventures include two short stories:

What Big Teeth You Have (available for free along with some other goodies when you sign up for my mailing list)

* No spoilers, can be read at any point, technically would be book 2.5 for optimum enjoyment

Dead to Begin With (available during the holiday season: Thanksgiving-whenever I take my Christmas tree down)

* You’ll see the happily ever afters the couples get from the main five books, but no spoilers that will ruin major plots. This would be book 5.5 for optimum enjoyment.

The bonus adventures now also includes the novel-length story, The Pirate’s Witch. Unlike the two short stories, The Pirate’s Witch features a new hero and heroine, as opposed to being a bonus story featuring the main hero and heroine from one of the five main Blood Prince books. You’ll see some familiar faces in cameos, including one of the heroes from the Blood Prince series and one of the heroes from the Blood Realm series (the spin-off series from the Blood Princes).

* No spoilers, can be read at any point, technically would be book 4.5 for optimum enjoyment.

Blood Trails Series:












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