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The Archer

Blood Realm: Book Three

"The hunter becomes the hunted..."

Book Three

A master of lies seeking the truth…

Robin is a sidhe whose glamour is unrivaled. More than mere visual illusions, he creates phantasms that smell real, sound real, feel real. A notorious trickster with an attention span even shorter than his temper, he spends his time haunting the forests of the kingdom with his merry band of misfits, robbing anyone who enters the woods with more gold than good sense. Redistributing the wealth to the less fortunate has given him a hero’s reputation, a novelty that helps to stave off the boredom he detests so passionately. But now something—or, rather, someone—has snared his attention…

A huntress in hiding…

Marian wants to be left alone. Alone without the gardener’s constant nagging about her lack of care for her lands, alone without the company of the narcissistic men who won’t take no for an answer, and alone without the infuriating fey who’s harder to lose than a bad cold. She’d dispatch him herself if she wasn’t already under the weight of a four hundred pound eric for murder…

Gold changes hands, and Marian’s eric is paid with Robin’s gold, indebting her to him and roping her into his band of thieves. Will the sidhe discover her secret? Will he survive it if he does?

Quick Facts


Skeleton Key Publishing

Release Date:

April 5th, 2016


Fantasy Romance



Creatures Included:

sidhe, fey, spriggan, half goblin, bear shifter (medved), clurichaun, wizard

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