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The Blood Realm Series Boxed Set 1-3

All for a Rose, Blue Voodoo, The Archer

The first three books in the Blood Realm series

Get three full-length novels for the price of two!

Three captivating paranormal romances to make you swoon, make you laugh, and maybe make you cry (in a good way). Watch a dragon shifter, a lightning-kissed pirate, and a mischievous archer find the strong-willed mates that will drive them to realize their full potential and become the powerful men they need to be to fulfill their secret destiny… Each spellbinding story comes complete with incredible magic, dark curses, and a fairy tale ending that will give you the happily ever after your heart needs.

The Blood Realm series is a paranormal romance adventure about the power of true love, the gift of a second chance, and happiness that only comes when you take a chance on the unknown…

These aren’t your mother’s Prince Charmings…
Maribel traded her life for her father’s, resolving herself to a life as the prisoner of the half-mad dragon lord no one ever sees. Can she get through to the man behind the beast? Or will her captor turn away from a chance at love to get the revenge his dark temper demands? This book is full of highs and lows, humor and humanity, magic and madness, passion and compassion.

Dominique Laveau is a powerful voodoo queen, a far cry from the passion-blind woman who took a pirate to her bed for one wild night. Her life takes a shocking turn when her one-time lover turns up on her territory with a demand for her help—and her hand in marriage. Will she give him a second chance? Or will his past catch up to him first and destroy them both? This story is full of action, fantasy, a lot of comedy and a lot of steamy romance.

Marian has done what she swore she would never do—she’s accepted help from a fey. Now she’s off the hook for murder, but her life—and her secret—have never been in more danger. The trickster who saved her won’t rest until he discovers what she’s been hiding—why she’s been hiding. The archer is as tempting as he is irritating, and if Marian satisfies her own desires and her partner in crime’s curiosity, it might just get them both killed. This tale is filled with adventure, romance, and high jinx, a virtual roller coaster of ups and downs, romance and tragedy.
Book 1 – All for a Rose
Book 2 – Blue Voodoo
Book 3 – The Archer
Book 4 – Bear With Me
Book 5 – Stolen Wish

Quick Facts


Skeleton Key Publishing

Release Date:

December 16th, 2017


Paranormal Romance


Box Set

Creatures Included:

naga, fey, impundulu, voodoo queen, sidhe, medved

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