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Dead To Begin With

Blood Prince Series: Bonus Adventure

One vampire. A second chance. Three spirits. (It is recommended that you read the Blood Prince series first, but you’ll only be a little lost if you don’t. May contain spoilers for books in the Blood Prince series.)

Book Six

The Vampire Prince of Dacia does not take the holiday off. . .

Kirill needs more gold to finance his newest attempt at an alliance. Unfortunately, the Winter Solstice holiday looms before him—a time when production mysteriously falls. The only solution is to visit the mines himself, make certain the dwarves are mining as diligently as they can. The most illogical course of action in the world would be to…give them the day off.

A Winter Solstice miracle. . .

Irina does not take no for an answer–certainly not from her husband. She has big plans for a Winter Solstice dinner with their friends, and Kirill will be there whether he likes it or not. Still, though she can make sure his body is there, Irina knows forcing his heart to be in it is not so simple. But how do you get a vampire into the Winter Solstice spirit?

Three ghosts. . .

The ghosts of Winter Solstice Past, Present, and Future are not ones to shy away from a challenge. They can take any form they like, show any creature the error of their ways. If they have to work through the day instead of in the dark of night, then so be it. And who cares if this particular soul in need of saving just so happens to be…Dead to Begin With?

Quick Facts


Skeleton Key Publishing

Release Date:

December 2014


Fantasy Romance


Short Story

Creatures Included:

vampire, rusalka, ghosts, werewolf, angel, god, incubus

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