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Misdirection Sneak Peek

Exclusive Sneak Peek of Misdirection, Blood Trails #10

* * * * * * 

Flint stared at the disabled car. “It’s a long walk up to the house. Even if it weren’t so cold, we’re still going to appear as beggars.”

“I have an idea,” Peasblossom said slyly.

“We could call a cab?” I suggested.

Flint gave me a look that made it clear what he thought of that idea. “Shade, I said appearances are everything. We can’t just avoid looking bad. We have to look good. Impressive, even.”

“Then you’ll love my idea,” Peasblossom insisted.

“Will I love your idea?” I asked, suspicious.

Peasblossom grinned. “You should.” Then she paused, glancing at Liam. “You might need some convincing. And you might as well stop getting dressed.”

Liam paused in the middle of sliding his arm into the leather coat. “I’m sorry?”

“What if you show up riding a giant wolf?” Peasblossom asked me and Flint.

I pinched the bridge of my nose. “Peasblossom…”

“You can make him bigger?” Flint asked.

I dropped my hand. “You’re not serious.”

Flint looked from me to Liam. “The little one isn’t wrong. We’d have to be careful since it takes a lot of skill to maintain dignity when riding an animal with no saddle while dressed in full formal wear, but…”

“You want to ride me,” Liam said slowly, as if he was certain he hadn’t heard right. He looked back and forth between all of us, obviously waiting for someone to yell, “Just kidding!”

“It’s exactly the heathen sort of thing that my brother would expect from me.” A smile lifted the corner of Flint’s mouth. “And it’s the sort of thing I can turn from something he uses to mock me into something that will impress even his own people. For all their insults to my court, there is a deep fascination with all things monstrous and wild in the Seelie. If we can pull it off, it will drive him mad.”

“Monstrous and wild.” Liam looked from Flint, to Peasblossom, to me, and back. “You’re serious?”

“This is a dream,” I muttered, closing my eyes. “Just a weird dream.”

I opened my eyes to find Flint looking at Liam. “Would you do it?”

“You want me to take wolf form and let you—both of you—ride me.” Liam kept repeating the same words in a slightly different form, as if perhaps he just wasn’t explaining it right and when he found the right combination, we’d all see what a silly idea it was.

“Well, first Shade would make you bigger,” Peasblossom said in what I was sure she thought was a reasonable tone. “It’d be a tight squeeze for both of them the way you are now.”

Liam blinked. Still processing.

“We need an answer.” Flint shot a significant glance toward the horizon and the rapidly setting sun.

“Is that really the tone you want to take with me?” Liam shot back.

Something warm and large bumped against my legs. I looked down to find Scath looking with interest around our group. As I’d expected, she had Majesty with her, the fuzzy little kitten cozy and snug in the bag slung around Scath’s giant black-furred body. “Did you hear that? Peasblossom’s idea?”

Scath snorted. I couldn’t be sure, but it sounded amused.

She’d heard it.

“How about you ride Scath and Flint rides Liam?” Peasblossom suggested.

Scath crept closer to the car, sniffing at the ice. She sneezed.

“If I get to the house in wolf form,” Liam said, speaking slowly as if waiting for someone to stop him. “Do you expect me to remain in wolf form? What sort of impression will I make if I shift when we get up there and I’m naked?”

“Still impressive,” Peasblossom guessed.

“Not in the cold,” Flint said, before he could stop himself. He paused, then added, “Though if you’d accept my help, I could fix that.”

Liam arched an eyebrow, but didn’t rise to the bait.

“I’m not having this conversation,” I said, waving a hand.

“Well, we need to make a decision and get going.” Flint looked at Liam. “So what’s it going to be?”

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