Beautiful Salvation


Beautiful Salvation, Blood Prince series, book five


The haunted prince gave up half his divine power to save her life.
But if Sleeping Beauty never wakes, then all he’s done is doom them both…

Saamal is a god who’s gone double or nothing on his kingdom’s future.
A curse holds Princess Aiyana, his bride to be, trapped in the Dreamworld—but that’s not the only darkness standing between them.

Saamal turned away from a history of blood sacrifices, tempted by a prophecy that promised another way to keep his kingdom alive. But in a land as alive and hungry as any predator, sacrifices that aren’t given will soon be taken by force. And his jilted lover would rather see the land eat its prince than let him fall into the arms of another.

His salvation comes in the form of a woman made fearsome and inhuman by his own desperate attempt to save their world. She is the future, the one who will make everything right.

If only he could wake her up…


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