Betrayal, Blood Trails series, book seven


Thieves. Curses. Trouble.

Shade’s Unseelie master has a new case for her. Someone is stealing Unseelie artifacts, piecing together the tools to perform a lost ritual. Shade must recover the artifacts and return them to their rightful owners— But only after the thief has finished the spell.

Shade’s contract is clear, but her conscience isn’t. The ritual is dangerous, and if she lets the thief succeed, their blood will be on her hands. To make matters worse, this case is full of familiar faces. Faces that still haunt her nightmares.

Every revelation raises the stakes, and soon Shade finds her professional life becoming a lot more personal, and the path ahead less and less clear. When Shade finds the thief, she’ll have a choice to make.

And there’s no guarantee that the friends she begins with will still be by her side when it’s all over…


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