Blood Prince complete series bundle


Complete Blood Prince series plus bonus adventure


The Blood Prince series bundle includes:

  1. Before Midnight
  2. One Bite
  3. Golden Stair
  4. Divine Scales
  5. Beautiful Salvation


Bonus Adventure: The Pirate’s Witch


Prince Charming needs a bite.
And Cinderella is going to give it to him…

A curse is turning werewolf prince Etienne into a human.
A wolf bite is turning the tormented maiden Loupe into a monster.
Each holds the other’s salvation in their hands.

A grand ball will bring them together, but if Loupe is going to get the kiss she wants, she must face the darkness inside her and give Etienne the bite he needs.

And she needs to do it before her bloodthirsty stepfamily hunts them down and slaughters them both…


Prince Charming saved her life.
But if the ruthless vampire royal wants Snow White’s help, he’ll need to do better than that…

Kirill is a vampire prince determined to be a vampire king.
Irina wants freedom—for herself, and her kingdom.
If they can each give a little, they may get more than either of them bargained for.

Irina’s fiery temper melts Kirill’s cold vision of his kingdom’s future. But a shared enemy threatens their tentative alliance. Unbeknownst to him, Kirill’s kiss has sealed Irina’s fate.

To save her, the vampire prince will have to decide between the power he wants…and the woman he needs.


An enchanted prince’s demonic appetite has barred him from true love…until now.
Rapunzel yearns to leave her tower…but that first step is a doozy.

A hasty vow to a goddess condemned Adonis to never marry.
A cruel witch robbed Ivy of the world outside her tower.
Love could bring their lonely existences to an end…if they dare to risk the fall.

An evil witch does not willingly give up the power she’s spent a lifetime building, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to keep her stolen daughter locked away. Despite the danger, Adonis and Ivy are drawn together like phoenixes to flame—and if they’re not careful, they’ll both burn.


Prince Charming is about to see how the other half lives.
The underwater half…

A curse has rendered angelic prince Patricio unable to tell true love from the spell-induced adoration that infects those around him.
Now that same curse has lured the mermaid Marcela out of the water to find him.
Will he realize she broke his curse…before he breaks her heart?

Arrogance and curses aren’t their only problems either. Another woman wants Patricio for her own—by any means necessary. With her sinful sorcery hidden behind an impenetrable cloak of righteous piety, she’s the perfect angel bait.

Passion charges the air between Marcela and Patricio, but how can they trust their desire when so much magic has muddied the waters?


The haunted prince gave up half his divine power to save her life.
But if Sleeping Beauty never wakes, then all he’s done is doom them both…

Saamal is a god who’s gone double or nothing on his kingdom’s future.
A curse holds Princess Aiyana, his bride to be, trapped in the Dreamworld—but that’s not the only darkness standing between them.

Saamal turned away from a history of blood sacrifices, tempted by a prophecy that promised another way to keep his kingdom alive. But in a land as alive and hungry as any predator, sacrifices that aren’t given will soon be taken by force. And his jilted lover would rather see the land eat its prince than let him fall into the arms of another.

His salvation comes in the form of a woman made fearsome and inhuman by his own desperate attempt to save their world. She is the future, the one who will make everything right.

If only he could wake her up…


The pirate captain needs a hand…and it’s not because he’s only got the one.
An earth witch doesn’t do sea voyages. Ever.

Tyr owes an evil ogre a firebird.
Ingrid is the only one who can help him find it.
Unfortunately, this earth witch has no intention of abandoning the land in her care to join a pirate’s ill-fated quest—no matter how charming the pirate.

Unfortunately, she underestimated what Tyr was willing to do to save his skin.
And now he’s underestimated her…


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