Corruption (Paperback)


Corruption, Blood Trails series, book four

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An exorcism went horribly, horribly wrong. 
Did the ritual fail? Or was it sabotaged... 

Shade is a witch, not an exorcist. But when two priests are killed during an exorcism, the surviving witness begs Shade to find out who–or what–is responsible. And what good is a private investigator who's afraid of the tough cases? 

Danger mounts as Shade plunges into a world of hedonism to wade through the muddy waters of good vs evil. If she's going to survive against the army of enemies piling up, she's going to need help. But who can she trust when the demon who survived the exorcism creates chaos among allies and suspects alike?

After all, with the proper temptation, anyone can be corrupted...


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