The Archer


The Archer, Blood Realm series, book three


A master of lies. 
A huntress in hiding. 
A deal with the devil... 

Robin is a notorious trickster, a sidhe capable of powerful illusions and driven by a desperate need to avoid the boredom that comes so easily with the long life of a fey. For the last decade, he’s amused himself as a bandit, stealing from anyone foolish enough to enter his forest with more gold than good sense. But the novelty of being a hero is wearing off, and a witch has pointed him in the direction of a new adventure. A ferocious and beautiful redhead has entered his forest, and this time, Robin isn’t after gold… 

Marian has a dark secret she’s kept hidden her entire life. Now, thanks to a single arrow fired in a moment of self-defense, she’s faced with a choice that might drag her shame into the light. She must make a choice. Lose the land that’s all she has left of her parents, or accept help from a fey thief determined to discover what she’s hiding. 

Gold changes hands, and Marian’s murder debt is paid with Robin’s gold. Now she must serve her time in his band of thieves. Will the sidhe discover her secret? Will they survive it if he does?


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