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Vampires of the Caribbean

Blood Realm Short Story

There is no escape from the island...or the past.

Bonus Adventure

My contribution to this amazing anthology is Midnight Escape.

A beautiful selkie pirate captain. A sexy vampire assassin. He would give up his chance at freedom for a second chance from her…

Seven years ago, Cain’s blood lust brought a night of passion to a bloody and nearly-fatal end. Brea has spent every day since then on her ship, racing across the sea. Her goal in life is to stay as far from her former lover and his pleas for forgiveness as possible.

A sunny island in the middle of nowhere should have been the perfect escape.

Then again, this particular island is a vampire prison. So perhaps that’s exactly where she should have expected Cain to be…

Midnight Escape is a bonus adventure in the Blood Realm series. This paranormal romance can be read as a stand alone, but you’ll want to read the rest to get the most out of the delicious cameos… Buy Vampires of the Caribbean and start the romantic adventure today!

Quick Facts



Release Date:

March 15, 2017


Paranormal/Fantasy Romance


Short Story

Creatures Included:

vampire, selkie

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