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What Big Teeth You Have

Blood Prince Series: Bonus Adventure

The Big Bad Wolf has bitten off more than he can chew. (It is recommended that you read the Blood Prince series first, but you won’t be lost if you don’t.)

Book 2.5

The Vampire Prince of Dacia is attempting a new alliance. . .

Kirill’s newest attempt at an alliance to solidify his power base is a demoness with naughty intentions. When the vampire prince turns down her lustful advances, she offers him one more chance to earn her signature on his contract–deliver a care package to the demoness’ dear old grandmother. And on the way, destroy the wolf that has been terrorizing the dark forest. A simple task for a vampire as powerful as Kirill. But a demoness is still a woman at heart…

Red Riding Hood. . .

Red clothing is a necessity if one wants to avoid the tedium of the bloodstains that come with being the wife of a vampire–nicknames be damned. Besides, Irina is only too happy to bring a splash of color to the dark forest as she accompanies her husband on an errand. Despite her husband’s concerns for her safety, Irina has no intention of letting him go off alone on a demoness’ quest–especially a demoness with Dizona’s…appetites.

One bite. . .

A magic spell takes both Kirill and Irina by surprise. Getting to know the Big Bad Wolf inside and out is no picnic. But for Dacian royals with the connections of Irina and Kirill, one bite will be the last straw for the Big Bad Wolf…

Quick Facts


Skeleton Key Publishing

Release Date:

February 2015


Fantasy Romance


Short Story

Creatures Included:

vampire, rusalka, witch, wolf

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